Discover the reverie:

Defined only by the horizon of grand natural spaces and the starlit night.

The vibe

Make yourself at home.

Stroll, just as would the Marcheur d’étoiles, in the Parc des Vétérans, and listen to the Lake’s murmurs. List aloud all the shapes you might discover in the curves and angles of Mont-Mégantic, which stands before you, afar. Once the views and reflections will have relaxed you entirely, walk a mere block away towards the local shops and market: coffee in hand, watch people out and about in the busy city centre.

A rendezvous with well-being

Adopt the rhythm.

Certified Cittaslow, Lac-Mégantic offers an authentic moment’s relief. People take the time to converse with one another. Nature is omnipresent. With the arrival of the Microtel Lac-Mégantic, the city is ready to welcome you and your guests in large numbers. Prepare to experience your definition of well-being.


What to do?

Summer or winter, spring or fall, sports enthusiasts will find outdoor activities to try between the Baie-des-Sables touristic station and the majestic Frontenac and Mont-Mégantic provincial parks. As for artists and dreamers: don’t miss out on the Marcheur d’étoiles walking tour or the Mont-Mégantic Observatory.

What to eat?

A choice for every craving: Lac-Mégantic and its surrounding area offer you charming dining rooms where you want to take your time and options that allow you to pick up and go.

« Microtel Lac-Mégantic is excited to be part of the collaborative momentum that’s reinvigorating the city. »

Annie Hébert, General Manager

The Microtel Lac-Mégantic
is a tool to conduct business while discovering the region.
Discover the region’s commercial strengths.
The Microtel Lac-Mégantic
builds relationships with local organizations to celebrate the region.
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